View the Scorpio Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance


Scorpio Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance

You are in a unique situation in that in both your romantic and relationship sectors there are similar dynamics in play, in that in each you have an outer planet that is keeping things permanently active, while the faster moving planets will visit both each year. In another similarity, you have Uranus in your relationship sector until 2026 and Neptune in your romantic sector until 2026 as well. About the only advantage that matters of the heart have over relationship matters is that Mars won't visit your relationship sector this year. It is also matters of the heart that will get their turn first, in terms of the activity that the faster moving planets can create and that suits Uranus just fine. Neptune only turned direct at the end of November 2019, but with Uranus still in retrograde motion at the start of the year, he is happy for matters of the heart to go first.

It begins with Venus' return to your romantic sector on 14th January, much earlier in the year than is normally the case and leaving on 8th February, she will have been and gone by the time the Sun returns on 19th February. This will give the planets of love and dreams a chance to work together to create some real magic on the romantic front, as well as setting your expectations for the coming year. With the Sun here until 20th March and Mercury from 16th March to 11th April, they will keep what Venus and Neptune originally began alive. However, it is Mars' return from 13th May to 28th June that could set this alight again. What began as the planets of love and dreams coming together, will conclude with the planets of passion and dreams coming together.

In the meantime, until he turns direct in your relationship sector on 17th January, Uranus is still looking back at a time with romantic matters are taking off. As far as your relationships are concerned, in the early weeks of 2020 this is more a continuation of last year. It is Uranus' direct turn on 17th January that will shift your relationship focus onto the future. However, with a lot of activity on the romantic front by then, on the relationship front it will be more about looking to the future without moving forward. This will give Uranus time to pick up speed before Venus, planet of love returns to your relationship sector on 5th March, when she will do for your relationships what she did for matters of the heart in the early weeks of the year. With the Sun not returning to your relationship sector until 20th April and Venus leaving on 4th April, once again she will have been and gone before the Sun shines the spotlight on things. What follows are the most important months of the year on the relationship front, starting with Venus' return on 5th March and ending with the Sun's departure on 21st May.

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View the Scorpio Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance
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