View the Scorpio Forecast for 2020: Work & Business


Scorpio Forecast for 2020: Work & Business

While for the first have of the year it is business as usual, business as usual is a good place to be. For you, business as usual means that you have the dwarf planet Eris in your work sector, quietly keeping things on track all year, while the faster planets will return to update and speed things up. Usually this happens around March and April. At the same time, business as usual means no planetary activity on the job front until midyear, beginning with the Sun's return to your career sector on 22nd July. For several months this year will be operating not only as you would expect but as you would hope, because in other years there have been events that have put a spanner in the works, but that is not the case this year. About the only point of difference to begin with is Venus' return to your work sector on 8th February, earlier than would normally be the case. However, all she is doing is moving her annual visit forward a few weeks.

Here from 8th February to 5th March and with the Sun not returning until 20th March, this gives Venus a chance to get in first and as the planet of money, desire and attraction this gives her a chance to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. This means that by the time the Sun and Mercury return you have had time to focus on the 'what', leaving them free to focus on the 'when, where and how'. With the Sun leaving on 20th April and Mercury only here from 11th April to 28th April, this ends the annual push that career matters get at around this time every year. At this point, there is a chance to let things settle and play out, as you wait for the Sun's return to your career sector on 22nd July. What the Sun, Mercury and Venus did on the job front earlier in the year, they will do on the career front, starting with the Sun's return on 22nd July and ending with Venus' departure on 3rd October.

This is what a typical professional year and business as usual looks like to you and if that was it, this would be a good but not a particularly game changing professional year. However, the professional gods have a wildcard and they will play it before the Sun even reaches your career sector. It is on 28th June that everything changes, with Mars returning to your work sector, allowing work and job matters to catch their second wind exactly two months after Mercury's departure on 28th April. Even if this had been a typical visit, having Mars fire things up for six weeks in the middle of the year is exciting, especially as he would still be there when the Sun returns to your career sector just over three weeks later. But this is not a typical visit, with Mars here until January 2021. It is a retrograde phase from 10th September to 14th November that will keep Mars here for seven months, just when planetary activity on the career front is there to carry him.

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View the Scorpio Forecast for 2020: Work & Business
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