Daily Horoscope: Current Planet Positions

Current Planet Positions

February 29, 2024 at 1:53:44 PM Coordinated Universal Time

Sun ☉


10° 28'  01"
Moon ☽


05° 23'  12"
Mercury ☿


11° 31'  46"
Venus ♀


15° 58'  19"
Mars ♂


12° 35'  29"
Jupiter ♃


11° 14'  33"
Saturn ♄


09° 51'  42"
Uranus ♅


19° 34'  02"
Neptune ♆


26° 43'  30"
Pluto ♇


01° 12'  18"


  • Sun Conjunct Mercury 1°
  • Sun Conjunct Saturn 0°
  • Mercury Conjunct Saturn 1°
  • Venus Conjunct Mars 3°
  • Moon Opposite Jupiter 5°
  • Sun Trine Moon 5°
  • Moon Trine Saturn 4°
  • Moon Square Pluto 4°
  • Venus Square Jupiter 4°
  • Venus Square Uranus 3°
  • Mars Square Jupiter 1°
  • Sun Sextile Jupiter 0°
  • Mercury Sextile Jupiter 0°
  • Jupiter Sextile Saturn 1°
  • Neptune Sextile Pluto 4°


Sun in Pisces
During the transit of the Sun through Pisces, people may seek inner reflection and prioritize their spiritual pursuits. Goals may be challenging to delineate, while normal aggression levels decrease, leading to an aversion to confrontations. As a result, daydreaming and imaginative thinking may increase, generating valuable ideas to be applied in future productive periods.


Moon in Scorpio
Many people will have a strong desire for privacy. Instead of openly expressing their emotions, they may keep them bottled up inside. It will be common for people to feel emotionally exposed.

Moon Opposite Jupiter
Now is an opportune moment to rectify mistakes and pardon prior wrongdoings.

Moon Trine Saturn
It's possible that life might require a more serious approach than usual. Problems may arise due to detachment, indecisiveness, and difficulty expressing oneself.

Moon Square Pluto
Often concealed, intense emotions may burst forth and demand to be expressed to the world.


Mercury in Pisces
This period is conducive to nurturing creativity, where emotion takes precedence over logic. Communication channels are likely to become more robust. However, practicality and organizational skills may not be at the forefront.

Mercury Semi-Sextile Venus
The arts are often capable of stirring emotions in many individuals. Moreover, those same individuals are likely to possess a stronger sense of creativity.

Mercury Semi-Sextile Mars
It is probable that discussions and critical reasoning will occur. Some individuals may express themselves with such candor that their remarks could be deemed inappropriate or insulting by those who hear them.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter
Becoming fixated on discovering the "core" of objects can be an obsession. The urge and capacity to communicate thoughts is potent.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn
It is achievable to engage in profound and intricate contemplation. Presently, there is a high probability of pursuing research. In order to tackle the obstacles ahead, numerous individuals will opt to reduce or forego social activities in favor of seeking solutions.


Venus in Aquarius
During this period, it is probable that iconoclasm and highly distinctive ways of living will be widespread. The desire for individual freedom could be so intense that any attempt to infringe upon one's autonomy may result in animosity. A significant motivator of conduct is expected to be wanderlust.

Venus Conjunct Mars
There may be a strong desire to openly express one's emotions. However, the reactions to such vulnerability may not always be favorable.

Venus Square Jupiter
Do not become entangled in mundane problems. Having a positive outlook towards the future can facilitate triumph. Certain opportunities may appear exceptionally alluring.

Venus Square Uranus
Many people will strongly desire personal freedom, which could potentially strain both their personal and professional relationships.


Mars in Aquarius
During this period, it is advantageous to prioritize teamwork. Utilize this opportunity to direct your efforts towards projects that will have mutual benefits. Don't lose heart if you don't see immediate outcomes.

Mars Square Jupiter
It is possible to achieve success in every field. The levels of energy and optimism must be considerably high.

Mars Semi-Sextile Saturn
Your analytical skills may be heightened and could help you overcome obstacles by identifying solutions to persistent issues.


Jupiter in Taurus
During this period, the desire for material possessions and a secure lifestyle will have a significant impact. Individuals may exhibit a more serious outlook towards life than usual. Approaching challenges in a practical manner is expected to lead to favorable outcomes.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn
It is unlikely for you to exceed your capabilities as you have a realistic perspective on things, enabling you to establish achievable goals. You tackle tasks with a structured and analytical mindset, and possess the determination to persist through even the most arduous of undertakings until completion. Nevertheless, it is possible that you underestimate your own capabilities on occasion.


Saturn in Pisces
One's behavior may be influenced by a sense of something missing in their life, which could be related to spiritual matters that may become prominent during this time.


Uranus in Taurus
There will be a presence of enlightened thinking and a motivation to improve the daily lives of all due to this influence. Additionally, a noticeable warm-hearted, romantic, and highly sensual essence will be present.


Neptune in Pisces
Currently, there are powerful forces of gentleness, creativity, and the quest for spiritual enlightenment. A great number of individuals may feel drawn towards esoteric beliefs and non-traditional religions.

Neptune Sextile Pluto
There might be a strong urge for self-awareness and exploration of the spiritual aspects of life.


Pluto in Aquarius
The keys to achieving success involve working together and collaborating as a team. It's highly probable that societal problems will be tackled, leading to an overall enhancement of human welfare.

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