Daily Horoscope: Scorpio - Sunday, December 10, 2023


Oct 23 - Nov 21

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Sunday, December 10, 2023

You could be feeling annoyed by extravagance and waste on the part of others today, but the truth is you may not have the power to decide what others do. Tightening your own belt is a matter of self discipline, and setting the example is the only way you are going to educate others.

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What the planets say

Having the Moon in Scorpio just as Venus is spending her first weekend here will be a mixed blessing but ultimately an empowering one. On the one hand, this is putting heart and gut on the same page just as Venus has returned to finish the launch of this current solar year. Two and a half weeks after your birthday month ended, it is only now that Venus is giving your heart a voice and with it, a chance to start turning desires into reality. The Moon is going to make it easier to read what your heart is telling you, while as they both clash with Jupiter this will give you a better sense of what you do and don't want.

Power Numbers: 2, 10, 24, 28, 47, 59

Friendly Signs: Libra & Virgo

Beware of: Taurus

Colour of the day: Linen

Famous Birthdays: Emily Dickinson, Chet Huntley, Dorothy Lamour, Michael Clarke Duncan, Emmanuelle Chriqui

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Daily Horoscope: Scorpio - Sunday, December 10, 2023
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