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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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Capricorn Forecast for 2021: Money

There are financial years where what you can expect is the ordinary, years with more potential than you would normally expect or something that is so extraordinary that it changes everything and it is the latter that you have this year. January 2021 is Jupiter and Saturn's first full month in your income sector and while the planet of luck and expansion will come and go during the year, Saturn is here until 2023. This is not a year that has some additional income potential but a year where this is the defining force in play. Jupiter and Saturn returned within days of each other and just before Christmas 2020 changed the whole dynamics moving forward. Jupiter and Saturn are the two most powerful planets in the solar system and it is the first time they have been in your income sector at the same time in six decades.

What makes this such a powerful combination is that Jupiter is a planet that creates a sense of what's possible, creating the most potentially lucky and expansive year for income potential in over a decade. Saturn on the other hand is the planet that can create challenges and demands that we take responsibility but together, Jupiter offers a sense of what's possible and Saturn the means to make it happen. Jupiter is racing ahead and will leave your income sector on 14th May but will retrograde back in from 29th July to 29th December. The first visit is more a drive through, with Venus working to explore and expose as much potential as possible and then coming back in order to be more selective.

Mercury, the first of the faster planets to reach your income sector this year will arrive on 9th January but won't leave until 16th March, extending out what is normally a 14 to 15 day visit. The Sun's return on 20th January and Venus, the planet of money's return on 2nd February will contribute to getting this lucrative year off the ground. Meanwhile, in a year when there is continuous planetary activity in your income sector and will be for years to come, this makes it important to pay attention to money matters during the limited planetary activity in your financial sector. Here the focus is on what you do with and how you manage the money you have and it runs from Mars' return on 12th June to the Sun's departure on 23rd August.

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View the Capricorn Forecast for 2021: Money
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