View the Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Money


Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Money

Sometimes a good start to the year is just that, a happy coincidence that doesn't extend beyond the early weeks or months of the year and to begin with, this is what you appear to have this year. While the Sun's return to your income sector on 21st January is something that happens at this time every year, you begin the year with Venus already here. This is definitely in the happy coincidence category, with the planet of money having returned in time to spend the final days of 2019 and the first two weeks of 2020 here. As well as creating some lucrative conditions in the early days of the year, Venus is able to raise the bar on your expectations from the get go, allowing you to begin the year with an income wish list rather than a list of New Year's resolutions. However, with Venus gone by 14th January and both the Sun and Mercury been and gone by 19th February, this can be put down to nothing more than a good start.

Don't get me wrong, a good start can be a game changer, setting your expectations high from the get go and setting things off in a lucrative direction. However, this is much more than just a good start, with everything changing in March, after your annual update is over and all planetary activity on the income front is supposedly over for the year. It begins with Saturn's return to your income sector on 22nd March, for the first time in three decades. Saturn is both the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and the planet that can give you the power to move mountains and as he will retrograde back out on 2nd July, this can be seen as a preparation period. What you are preparing for is Saturn's return on 17th December and the fact that he will bring lucky Jupiter with him, kicking off some of the most powerful and potentially lucrative income years in decades. However, it is not just preparation for what lies ahead that begins in March, with Mars returning to your income sector on 31st March to exploit income potential now.

To have Saturn and Mars in your income sector at the same time is a huge advantage, one providing the power and the other the motivation to push through glass ceilings. Until leaving on 13th May, Mars will create some of the most potentially lucrative weeks of 2020, which are in turn also preparation for what lies ahead, especially between 2021 and 2023. In the meantime, while there is a lot less planetary activity on the financial front this month, where the focus is on what you do with and how you manage the money you have, the timing couldn't be better. This will kick off with the Sun's return to your financial sector on 22nd July, just after Saturn has left your income sector earlier in the month, with no chance of the two clashing. This begins a chance to focus on money matters as a whole through to Venus' departure on 3rd October, completing this before the focus shifts back onto income matters in December, where it will stay.

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View the Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Money
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