View the Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance


Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance

While the hierarchy of every year normally means that the focus shifts onto matters of the heart, usually in April and May before shifting onto your relationships, usually midyear, this time you have romantic and relationship matters occupying most of the year. Or at least that is the case for romantic matters, with relationship matters going off the boil a couple of times during the year, but not to the degree that you would normally expect. Unlike your romantic sector, where you now have Uranus until 2026, there is no planetary activity on the relationship front but still a lot of focus from the get go. That is because the North Node, which has been in your relationship sector since November 2018 won't leave until 5th May and will make its presence felt during a lunar eclipse on 11th January. What is extraordinary about not only this eclipsing Full Moon but other New and Full Moons this year, is just how many there are.

In any given year, every area of your chart should experience one New Moon, always when the Sun is there and one Full Moon, always when the Sun is on the other side of the sky. This year you not only have two Full Moons and two New Moons in your relationship sector but with each one and New and Full Moon and the other an eclipsing one. You have eclipses because the North Node is here, a force that is naturally drawing your relationships forward in the right direction and if single, is naturally drawing you towards real and authentic relationships. After the lunar eclipse on 11th January the North Node will quietly keep your relationships on track, until leaving on 5th May. This is the first time that things will go quiet but not for long, with Mercury returning on 19th May to give your relationships a voice and to kick off the first planetary activity for the year. Normally here for 14 to 15 days, Mercury won't leave until 5th August.

Mercury will be here when the Sun not only moves through from 21st June to 22nd July but during two New Moons. The first New Moon on 21st June is a solar eclipse, while a second New Moon on 21st July will be an ordinary New Moon, giving you two chances to commit to your relationships, the future and the journey ahead. Meanwhile, it is a Mercury retrograde phase from 18th June to 12th July that will keep him in your relationship sector until 5th August, just three days before Venus finally returns on 8th August, keeping things in motion through to 6th September. In the meantime, constant planetary activity on the romantic front all year could lead to complacency, which is why Venus' return on 5th March through to the Sun's departure on 21st May will be an important time to spice things up.

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View the Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance
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