View the Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Work & Business


Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Work & Business

This professional year has everything you would want and need and nothing you don't and while nothing on the job or career fronts is anywhere near as powerful as the planetary in Capricorn, you don't need it to be. On the one hand, it is business as usual on both the job and career fronts this year but on the other hand, each has that something extra or the icing on the cake. With none of the slower outer planets in either of your two professional houses, it is the faster moving planets and their annual visits to both that give work and career matters what they need and is because there are similar stories on both fronts that make this a settled, stable and good year on both fronts. It is the things that they have in common that adds to this. Mars visited both your work and career sectors last year, so will visit neither this year.

In addition, while both will have the usual points in the year when things become more active, both have an additional factor that is the icing on the cake and both belong to what is known as 'goddess' class, the class that offers much but demands little. On the job front the goddess energy is coming from the asteroid Juno, who is known as the queen of commitment. Juno returned in November 2019, just when Mars was preparing to leave and last year's planetary activity was running its course. Normally here for around two months, this allows you to begin the year with a professional game plan and resolutions and the ability to stay on track. However, a retrograde phase will keep Juno here until 20th September. With Mercury returning to your career sector on 6th September to kick off this year's most active months on the career front, starting with his return and ending with Venus' departure on 22nd November, they will take over.

A similar but not identical factor is playing out in the job front, where the goddess influence is coming from Venus, who makes an early return to your work sector on 4th April. As the first planet to reach your work sector this year, Venus is responsible for kicking off the most active months of this year on the job front. As the planet of money, desire and attraction, Venus will spend around 24 days each year fuelling your job confidence, attracting opportunities and working to steer things in a lucrative direction. However, in the same way that Juno's retrograde turn will keep her in your career sector for 10 months, Venus' retrograde turn on 13th May will keep her here until 8th August. Juno is in retrograde motion from 4th April to 27th May and Venus from 13th May to 25th June. This will create an overlapping of the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped job and professional potential at the same time from 13th May to 27th May. It is while Venus is here that the Sun will move through from 21st May to 21st June and Mercury from 12th May to 29th May.

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View the Capricorn Forecast for 2020: Work & Business
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