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Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Aquarius Forecast for 2021: Love & Romance

The love and relationship gods have dialled up the right mix of influences this year and with the right amount of focus on each. While your romantic sector is active all year your relationship sector is only active for a few months and had it been the other way round it would be a very different story. Not that the focus on romantic and relationship matters is any less important or significant but with Saturn in Aquarius all year and Jupiter for the majority of the year, to have continuous planetary activity on the opposite side of the sky in your relationship sector would have created constant conflict. As it is, with Jupiter retrograding back out of Aquarius on 14th May and Mars not returning to your relationship sector until 12th June they will avoid a clash all together.

The planets moving through will still clash with Saturn, but in retrograde motion from 23rd May to 11th October this is the safest point of the year to put the focus on your relationships. Before you get to this point there is a lot happening on the romantic front, over and above having the North Node in your romantic sector all year. It begins with Mars' return on 4th March, with the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos making his first visit to your romantic sector since 2019. Until he leaves on 24th April, Mars will fire up your romantic passions and fighting spirit while creating a path for the other planets to follow.

Mercury will return to your romantic sector on 4th May but a retrograde turn will keep him here until 12th July and it is during that time that the Sun and Venus, the planet of love will move through. The two most romantically charged chapters of 2021 will be when Mars moves through from 4th March to 24th April and then again when Venus moves through, from 9th May to 3rd June. It will be Mars who gets things moving on the relationship front with his return to your relationship sector from 12th June to 28th July. This time the faster moving planets will catch up and move through at the same time with Venus returning on 28th June, the Sun on 23rd July and Mercury on 28th July. The Sun's departure on 23rd August will end all planetary activity on the relationship front.

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View the Aquarius Forecast for 2021: Love & Romance
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