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Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Aquarius Forecast for 2021: Work & Business

There is no continuous planetary activity on either the job or career fronts this year but with Mars visiting both your work and career sectors for the first time in two years, each gets a little more juice than would normally be the case. In addition, a combination of Mercury's retrograde turn and Mars' involvement will increase the size of the footprint that job and career matters will have on the year itself. This will be felt first on the job front where, while the Sun's return to your work sector on 21st June will always turn the solar spotlight onto work and job matters at this time each year, Mars will kick things off two months earlier with his return on 24th April. This is where Mercury's retrograde turn comes in, for as well as keeping him in your work sector for over two months instead of the 14 to 15 days he would normally spend here, his return on 4th May means he will arrive while Mars is still here.

By the time Mars leaves on 12th June, Venus racing ahead and fast catching up will return on 3rd June, weeks ahead of the Sun. By the time the Sun will eventually end all planetary activity on the job front on 22nd July, there will have been continuous planetary activity for nearly three months when in some years this can be over in as little as five weeks. This will also shorten the gap between the end of all planetary activity on the job front for the year and the start of all planetary activity on the career front. Even though three months separate the Sun's departure from your work sector and return to your career sector, Venus' return on 11th September will close that gap to just over seven weeks.

Once again, because of Venus' early return and the fact that Mars will visit your career sector this year as well, what begins with her return on 11th September won't run its course until he leaves on 13th December. Once again, this is another three month period of activity when in most years it can be over in as little as five weeks. In all, in six out of the 12 months of 2021, there will be planetary activity in either your work or career sectors, with short gaps between the different chapters. What makes this even more auspicious is that Jupiter will join Neptune in your income sector on 14th May, bringing the planets of luck and dreams together for the first time here in our lifetime, creating a huge amount of income potential.

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View the Aquarius Forecast for 2021: Work & Business
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