View the Aquarius Forecast for 2020: Work & Business


Aquarius Forecast for 2020: Work & Business

The activity on the job and career fronts this year falls right in the Goldilocks zone, where everything is just right. On both fronts you have more than what you would expect in an ordinary professional year, with the year getting off to an empowered start on both fronts. Yet at the same time, you don't have the major and ongoing planetary activity that would demand a lot of you. This professional year drives right down the centre lane of having enough to make this an exciting year but not enough to make this a demanding year. The year begins with Mars in his final days in your career sector and as he will be gone by 3rd January, this is literally the tail end of last year's planetary activity grazing the early days of this year. However, like a bell that can't be unrung, starting the year with Mars in your career sector gives you his warrior energy to draw on from the get go.

While there will be no more planetary activity in your career sector once Mars leaves until Mercury returns on 27th September, as Mars has spent the last six weeks of 2019 fuelling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, on top of months of other planetary activity, this gives you a head start and a tailwind from the get go. It is just over a week later that a lunar eclipse on the job front on 11th January will give work and job matters a jump start. What makes this eclipsing Full Moon significant is that it falls just three days before Venus' return to your income sector will kick off some of the most potentially lucrative weeks and months of 2020. The reason for this lunar eclipse is that the North Node is still in your work sector and will be until leaving on 5th May. This is keeping work and job matters moving forward and on track, while the eclipses bring the potential for unexpected, serendipitous or eureka moments. This makes the solar eclipse here on 21st June a wildcard.

What is stunning about the lunar activity on the job front this year is that you have two New Moons and two Full Moons, as opposed to the one of each you will have in your career sector and in every other area of your chart. It is not unusual to have a Full Moon on the job front in January and again in December and that is the case this year, but to have two New Moons mid year is unusual. The first is the eclipsing New Moon on 21st June and the second is an ordinary New Moon on 21st July. Both will come in the heart of this year's most active months on the job front, which begin with Mercury's return to your work sector on 29th May and ends with Venus' departure on 6th September. It is just a few weeks later that Mercury returns to begin another active phase on the career front, which will run from his return to your career sector on 27th September to Venus' departure on 16th December.

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View the Aquarius Forecast for 2020: Work & Business
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