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Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Aquarius Weekly horoscope for Jun 20 to Jun 26, 2022

While the Moon left Aquarius on Sunday, not only does this allow you to move into the new week emotionally and intuitively engaged from the start but you have just begun to unpack a download of information, insights and messages. This was the Moon's first visit since Saturn's retrograde turn here two weeks earlier, leaving you with a sense of where to pull back and where life is continuing to flow forward. While Saturn, in retrograde motion, is now looking to the past the Moon was also looking to the future. By the time you move into the new week the Moon has returned to your income sector, allowing you to not only start the week with a sharp nose for money and a lucrative direction but ahead of the Sun's return to your work sector on Tuesday. The Moon will leave just before the Sun's return but not before helping to energise things across the income, work and career fronts. Meanwhile, Venus will join Mercury in a playful part of your chart on Thursday, continuing a mission to ensure life doesn't become all work and no play.

Love & Romance

While the Sun will leave your romantic sector on Tuesday, taking the solar spotlight off matters of the heart and all things romantic, this is far from the end of things and instead, by then you will be just 48 hours away from the start of what could be some of the most romantically charged weeks of 2022. The Sun's departure will temporarily leave Mercury on his own and as the planet of communication, this is a chance to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. Helping with this is the Moon's return to your communication sector on Tuesday, in time to give Mars and his war on communication barriers a boost just as he moves into his final two weeks here. However, it is two days later that things take an exciting turn when on Thursday, held back by a retrograde phase Venus, the planet of love finally returns to your romantic sector to begin what could be some of the most romantically charged weeks of the year.

Business & Career

Starting the week with the Moon in your income sector was always going to be good news financially but to a degree professionally as well. However, the timing makes this especially auspicious. As well as sharpening your nose for money and potentially acting as a trigger, it was a given that the Moon would connect with planets here and with forces on the job and career fronts as it moves through. By the time the Moon leaves on Tuesday, there will be a lot of information, insights and messages to unpack from across the income, work and career fronts, along with a boost in confidence and awareness. What makes the timing auspicious is that it is just a few hours after the Moon leaves that the Sun will return to your work sector, turning the solar spotlight onto your work situation and job matters and kicking off the most important months of this professional year on the job front. Thanks to the Moon this gets off to an auspicious start.


Beginning the week with the Moon in your income sector is always an advantage, giving you a sharp nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction from the start. However, this is such an advantage on so many fronts that while this is an ordinary monthly visit, it could have far reaching implications. On the one hand, this first visit since Mars left and the last before Neptune's retrograde turn here next week is revealing a dramatic change since its last visit. Gone is the urgency and while you are still able to benefit from five very active and driven months on the income front, the urgency and the pressure is gone. You now have time to slowly pick the low hanging fruit that is now becoming ripe for harvest. On the other hand, while the Moon will leave just a few hours before the Sun's return to your work sector on Tuesday as new doors open on the job front it is with a sense of where the money is from the start.


Knowing that the Sun's return to your health sector on Monday will turn the solar spotlight onto your health needs, situation and matters, as it does at this time every year, Monday is an important day for stepping back and focusing more on the big picture. While the dwarf planet Ceres will remain in your health sector throughout the Sun's month long visit, as Monday is her last full day on her own there is a chance to start the week focused more on your needs and priorities. This will give you something to work towards when the Sun returns and ahead of next week's New Moon.

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