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Aug 23 - Sept 22

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Virgo Forecast for 2021: Money

Starting the year with Mars in your financial sector will ensure you are ready to come out fighting from the get go, though you might be a little battle weary by this point. Mars, the warrior planet of the cosmos returned to your financial sector for what should have been a six week visit in June 2020 but a retrograde phase not only kept him here but caused you to go backward and forwards over the same ground. It was just before Christmas that Mars broke through into new ground not covered before and due to leave on 7th January, is ready to engage in one last battle before letting things run their course. Whatever battles you are fighting, whether of your own choosing or not, won't continue into 2021 but might require one last push in the early days of the year.

With Mars gone but having spent nearly seven months fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit and with both the scars and spoils of battle, by 7th January will you be ready to take your financial power back in whatever form that means to you. However, with Mars gone you will be ready to let things settle and play out and with the Sun not returning for its annual focus on money matters until 20th March, the money gods are needing a break as well. That annual financial review will run from the Sun's return on 20th March to his departure on 20th April. With Venus here from 22nd March to 15th April and Mercury from 4th April to 19th April, both during the Sun's month long visit, this will be a short refresher course.

It is not until the second half of the year that you will find the most lucrative months of 2021 but unlike the month that the faster planets will put the focus on money matters, they are spending a lot more time in your income sector. It begins with Venus, the planet of money's return to your income sector on 16th August and will end with Mars' departure on 31st October. This is Mars' first visit to your income sector since 2019 but unlike the nearly seven months he spent in your financial sector last year, he is only here from 15th September to 31st October. However, what Venus can begin in August, the warrior planet of the cosmos will bring home over two months later.

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View the Virgo Forecast for 2021: Money
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