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Aug 23 - Sept 22

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Virgo Forecast for 2024: Love & Romance

The most romantically charged weeks of any year will always be the first and the latter weeks, with the Sun always spending the last 10 days and the first three weeks of every year in your romantic sector. Since Pluto, the planet of change and transformation returned in 2008 he has not only always been there at the time, but throughout the years he has stayed on to keep the momentum going, even if just on a slow boil. That began to change when Pluto left last year, but as he retrograded back in less than three months later, this was more to warn you that he was getting ready to leave and that he won't always be here. Pluto will leave again, this time with the Sun on 21st January and when the Sun comes full circle on 22nd December, as he does each year he will be gone and he won't be back again in our lifetime.

However, this won't be the last we will see of Pluto, for he will retrograde back in for 11 weeks from 2nd September to 20th November, for one last check. This time, with Venus making an early return from 12th November to 7th December, this will give the planet of love the honour of being the last planet to have contact with the planet of change and transformation here in our lifetime. This isn't the only visit Venus will make to your romantic sector this year, with her visit from 23rd January to 17th January also some of the most romantically charged weeks of the year. This time, with Mars in your romantic sector from 5th January to 13th February, this will bring the planets of love and passion together.

Meanwhile, on the relationship front things have become a lot more stable. Saturn, who returned last March and is here now until he and Neptune both leave in early 2026, is settled in and while he is demanding more from you and there might be some relationship challenges, he is helping to strengthen the bonds while working with dreamy Neptune to give you the resolve to turn dreams into reality. The most active months of the year on the relationship front will come when the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury move through, which they will do starting with the Sun's return on 19th February and ending when Mars leaves on 1st May. With Venus here from 12th March to 5th April and Mars from 23rd March to 1st May, this is when the planets of love and passion will come together to work their magic.

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View the Virgo Forecast for 2024: Love & Romance
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