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Aug 23 - Sept 22

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Virgo horoscope for February 2023

Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of February in your work sector, this is the point in every year when the working year gets underway and whether at work or with whatever it is that occupies your time, life gets busier. Venus has already moved through and it was her alignment with Saturn before leaving that brought together the will and the means to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. This is not the first time that Venus has aligned with Saturn or the Sun, who also aligned late last month, but it is the last here for another three decades. It is early next month that Saturn will wrap up a nearly three year visit, with maximum effort going into making this count.

With Mars also in the last full month of his longest visit to your career sector in eight decades, this whole professional year is developing a sense of urgency. However, making sure that life doesn't become all work and no play are Mercury and Pluto, who are also becoming more urgent. Mercury because he will leave a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and join the Sun and Saturn in your work sector on 12th February and Pluto because after nearly 15 years, the planet of change and revolution is preparing to leave and shift his focus to the busy side of life's fence next month.

Fortunately, Uranus is not only in his first full month in direct motion in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, but there is a parade of planets on their way including Jupiter, who will keep the spirit of adventure alive. Meanwhile, ahead of the Sun's return to your relationship sector on 19th February and both Mercury and Saturn's return early next month, until she leaves on 20th February Venus is working with Neptune to update your relationship dreams, desires and expectations as only the planets of love and dreams can.

Love & Romance

There is a mix of the ordinary and the unexpected on both the romantic and relationship fronts this month and, on both fronts, the promise of some big changes. With Pluto in your romantic sector since 2008 and Neptune in your relationship sector since 2012, they have been a permanent fixture and while other planets come and go, they have been the backbone of romantic and relationship matters for over a decade. However, there are some big changes ahead on both fronts but while it will happen next month, this is something that the faster planets are already starting to prepare for and to start with, it is on the romantic front that there is more urgency.

It was in early December that Mercury returned to your romantic sector to begin what is normally a 14 to 15 day mission to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. Since then, the Sun and Venus have been and gone but a retrograde phase has kept Mercury here and by the time he leaves on 11th February, he will have been here for over two months. What makes this significant is that after nearly 15 years, Pluto has reached his last full month in your romantic sector. Pluto will retrograde back in for a few months later this year and again next year, but this will only be to tie up loose ends.

Mercury has held back for as long as he can to ensure that you have everything needed to make the most of the planet of change and revolution's last full month in your romantic sector and the end, for a while anyway, of any planetary activity on the romantic front. Meanwhile, on the relationship front preparations are underway for Saturn's return early next month, for the first time in three decades. Venus, the planet of love is here until 20th February and is working with Neptune to fuel your relationship desires and dreams. The Sun will return on 19th February, turning the solar spotlight onto your relationships during Venus' last full day, but it is a New Moon on 20th February, that peaks just 50 minutes before the planet of love is due to leave that will be a chance to draw a new line in the sand.

Business & Career

Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of February in your work sector, the solar spotlight is always on your work situation and job matters at this time of year. However, not only had a lot of water already passed under the bridge before the Sun even returned but while this is an ordinary annual visit the timing makes this a lot more significant. By the time the Sun returned last month Venus, who returned in the New Year had already been here for 17 days. This had not only given Venus time to fuel your professional desires and expectations for the coming year but a friendly aspect to Mars, as he turned direct in your career sector and to the dwarf planet Ceres in your income sector had created some serious motivation.

It was Venus' alignment with Saturn just after the Sun's return that saw that motivation team up with the one planet that can give you the resolve to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. Saturn has been here since 2020 so this was not Venus' first alignment, but it was their last for another three decades here, as was the case with the Sun's alignment at the end of last month. With Saturn leaving your work sector early next month and then not returning for another three decades, he is empowering everything about this ordinary annual update with the resolve to not only act but to act now.

It is not only Saturn's nearly three year visit to your work sector that will end next month but Mars' longest visit to your career sector in eight decades. While Mars returns for six weeks every two years, by the time he leaves next month he will have been here for seven months, much of that time closely aligned with Saturn. Even if they weren't both leaving next month, this was always going to be the month on both the job and career fronts that everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from. Mercury's return to your work sector on 12th February, a week before the Sun leaves on 19th February makes him the last player on the field and his ability to get your head in the game and to think on your feet will have a big impact on job and career matters.


If there is any financial tension at the start of the month it is more because planets on both sides of the financial fence are trying to get your attention. In terms of both numbers and sheer weight, the balance of power is on your financial situation and money matters, the side of the financial fence where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have but where there is also the potential for real financial growth and expansion. Outnumbered and outweighed by the four planets in your financial sector including Jupiter, the largest and most powerful planet in the solar system is the dwarf planet Ceres, alone in your income sector.

Yet despite some tension when she clashes with Jupiter in the early part of the month, peaking on 6th February, Ceres is performing an important function. As well as something that Jupiter will use as motivation as he continues his quest for financial growth and expansion, Ceres is less focused on the money itself and more on understanding your income needs and priorities. If you know that, then creating the right balance between money coming in and money going out becomes a lot easier. Ceres will turn retrograde on 4th February and retrograde back out next month, but her last full month here is full of support from planets on the job and career fronts.

The Moon's return to your income sector from 9th February to 12th February, something that can sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger will take full advantage of this. Meanwhile, it is money matters that will get a boost when Venus returns to your financial sector on 20th February, bringing the planets of money and luck together here for the first time in over a decade. This is when the full impact from Jupiter's quest for financial growth and expansion will be felt. This is something that the Moon's return from 22nd February to 24th February will give you a chance to fully immerse yourself in.


Because the Sun will always spend the majority of the first three weeks of February in your health sector, the solar spotlight is always on your health needs, situation and matters at this time of year. Venus left late last month, but not before fuelling a desire to look and feel good that came with the resolve to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. This has given you the motivation to take your power back, with the Sun giving you a better sense of how to do that. It is Mercury's return on 11th February that will give you a better chance to focus on the when, where and how and to start making choices, decisions and plans. The Sun will leave on 19th February but Mercury will stay on, with the Moon's visit from 18th February to 20th February ensuring you are emotionally and intuitively engaged at the time.

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