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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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Libra Forecast for 2021: Money

To begin with, it is business as usual on both sides of the financial fence as you move into 2021. The last planet to leave your income sector has only been gone for a few weeks so you begin the year with a lucrative sense of direction and enough momentum to let things run their course. On the other side of the financial fence Uranus, in your financial sector from 2019 to 2026 is in retrograde motion, as he has been since last August, so there is little urgency. However, it is just a week into the year that things begin to heat up on the financial front, beginning with Mars' return to your financial sector on 7th January. Held back by a retrograde phase, Mars should have returned as early as last August but instead, finally returns in time to get this new financial year off to an empowered start.

This is Mars' first visit to your financial sector since early 2019 and he is ready to make up for lost time. Mars is the warrior planet of the cosmos and when he returns to your financial sector he will fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit, giving you the drive and confidence to take your financial power back and face any battles or challenges head on, whether of your choosing or not. It is just seven days later that Uranus will turn direct on 14th January, releasing the brakes that will allow Mars to drive things forward. Mars is only here until 4th March but what you can invest during the first two months of 2021 will create the momentum for the rest of this financial year. It is the following month that Venus will return to your financial sector, leading the way into a more mundane focus on money matters.

That period will run from 15th April to 21st May and as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through this will be a chance to tie up loose ends after Mars time here and consolidate this into a more concise financial game plan. Meanwhile, it is in the second half of the year that you will find the most lucrative months of 2021, beginning with Venus, the planet of money's return to your income sector on 11th December and running through to Mars' departure on 13th December. With Jupiter in your work sector from 14th May to 29th July and the most active months of the year on the career front running from 24th April to 22nd July, you have time to first establish the right professional momentum.

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View the Libra Forecast for 2021: Money
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