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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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Libra Weekly horoscope for Jul 15 to Jul 21, 2024

The further into the year we go and the further ahead the faster planets not only travel but start to separate out, the more vibrant and multi faceted life is becoming. Instead of the stars all being on the same page and focused on one or two core areas of your life, they are on multiple pages and this is making a need for balance more important than ever. On the one hand, Venus and Mercury are spearheading a positive week for friendship and relationship building, with the Moon's return to your communication sector helping with that. On the other hand, starting the week in your income sector the Moon is not only getting the new working week off to a good start across the income, work and career fronts, but just as the professional gods have already joined forces. Yet at the same time, the playful, creative and adventurous side of life's fence is set to become even more powered up when Mars not only joins Jupiter in an adventurous part of your chart over the weekend but moves straight into a friendly aspect to Pluto in a playful and creative part.

Love & Romance

As you move into the new week the Moon is just leaving Libra, something that will ensure you are emotionally and intuitively engaged and aware from the start, but with a lot of mixed messages to unpack on the romantic and relationship fronts. It was over the weekend that the Moon not only crossed the lunar nodes, which throughout 2024 are policing a balance between your own and your relationship needs but clashed with both planets in your relationship sector. It is the Moon's return to your communication sector on Wednesday and friendly aspect to those same planets as well as to Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication that will give anything this may have flushed out a voice. At the same time, it was also over the weekend that the Moon gave you a small taste of what to expect when Mars and Pluto come together over the weekend to bring a sense of nostalgia, romance, passion and adventure together and even a sense of rebellion.

Business & Career

Venus' departure from your career sector late last week and Mercury's the week earlier, means that as the Sun moves into his final seven days here on Monday he is on his own. With Venus and Mercury gone and the Sun leaving next Monday, this should be the end of all planetary activity on the career front this year, making this a time for tying up loose ends. Instead, with Mars not only returning in early September but ensuring that at no point between now and Jupiter's return in June 2025 will your career sector be empty for more than two months, this is more about cementing this first stepping stone. Meanwhile, the Moon gets off to a good start across the income, work and career fronts thanks to the Moon's return to your income sector from Monday to Wednesday. As well as a friendly aspect to the Sun as it moves through, a friendly aspect to both planets in your work sector comes just as there is a growing partnership between job and career matters.


Until he leaves your financial sector over the weekend Mars will continue to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit as he gives you the drive to fight for what you deserve. Helping to get the week and Mars' final days off to a good start is an alignment with Uranus from Monday to Wednesday. Since Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected returned in 2019, every planet returning to your financial sector has aligned as they moved through but teaming up with the warrior planet of the cosmos is a whole new story. Uranus can create the potential for unexpected, serendipitous or eureka moments while Mars gives you the confidence to seize the moment. With the Moon not only in your income sector at the time but just as the Sun has moved into his final week in your career sector, this will create the kind of healthy competition between the two sides of the financial fence that can keep Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit fired up.


While you had some mixed messages and some ups and downs on the health front last week, with some days boosting your energy level and motivation, only to have the wind taken out of your sails, things are a lot more even this week. Not only that, with the Sun separating from a friendly aspect to Saturn in your health sector and drawing closer to another with Neptune there over the weekend and the Moon starting the week at a friendly aspect to both, there will be a new sense of confidence and awareness. Especially when it comes to a growing need to pace yourself.

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