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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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Libra Forecast for 2024: Love & Romance

Because the Sun will always return to your romantic sector in January and Venus and Mercury will always move through at around the same time, it is the early months of any year that are always going to be the most romantically charged. However, you are getting ready to enter a whole new realm, when instead of planetary activity for just a few months all year, there is about to be year round, wall to wall coverage. What I am talking about is Pluto, with the planet of change and transformation having briefly dipped into your romantic sector for the first time in 225 years last year. Pluto was here for less than three months, but this left a message that he is on his way for a much longer visit. Pluto will return with the Sun on 21st January and while he will once again retrograde back out, not until 2nd September.

This time, instead of waiting seven months to return, Pluto will be gone for just 11 weeks. Returning on 20th November and then not leaving until 2044, Pluto will be here, working to change things up for the next 20 years. Helping with the transition into this major new chapter will be Venus, with the planet of love making two visits to your relationship sector this year and both with perfect timing. Venus will move through from 17th February to 12th March, while Pluto is still in his early weeks and with Mars here from 13th February to 23rd March, she will be part of a pack of planets working to get the year and the planet of change and transformation's new reign off to a romantically charged start.

Things will be a lot quieter when Venus returns from 7th December 2024 to 3rd January 2025. Pluto will have been back for just 17 days when Venus returns, bringing the planets of love and change together just as he settles in for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, Venus will also be a pivotal player in the most active months of the year on the relationship front, which will run from Mercury's return on 10th March to Mars' departure just over three months later on 9th June. Venus' visit from 5th April to 28th April will not only put the planet of love here in the heart of things, but she will be here when a total solar eclipse on 9th February will bring the promise of major new beginnings.

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View the Libra Forecast for 2024: Love & Romance
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