View the Leo Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance


Leo Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance

This is a year with a fairly dramatic shift in focus from romantic to relationship matters, especially in terms of where the main focus is. While lucky Jupiter wrapped up his 13 month visit to your romantic sector in the final weeks of 2019 and the other planets there at the time all left in the final weeks of last year as well, Mars' return in the early days of January will create a resurgence. This is Mars' first visit in nearly two years and until leaving on 17th February will spend the early weeks of 2020 fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit. Because there is so much momentum and so much already banked, Mars will find that job relatively easy. While Mars will leave your romantic sector empty, the South Node's return on 5th May and position here until January 2022 will create a constant romantic thread, as well as moving the eclipses here, with potentially serendipitous consequences. The first will be a romantically charged lunar eclipse on 6th June, followed by a total solar eclipse on 15th December.

Meanwhile, you begin the year with Venus, the planet of love in your relationship sector and with high expectations from the get go. Venus will leave your relationship sector on 14th January and as she won't be back until 2021, this makes the first two weeks of the year deceptively important on the relationship front, at a time when Mars is firing things up on the romantic front. Why Venus' time here is deceptive, is that while you have Mercury returning to your relationship sector on 17th January and the Sun on 21st January, both will be gone by 19th February and from all appearances, this is the mundane focus that your relationships get at this time each year. Venus' job is to define your relationship expectations for the coming year and based on the cosmic conditions at the time, there is a danger of setting your expectations too low.

For the reality is 2020 is destined to be a major and potentially game changing relationship year. Normal makes way for the extraordinary when Saturn returns to your relationship sector on 22nd March, for the first time in three decades. While Saturn is only here for a few months and will retrograde back out on 2nd July, he will not only return on 17th December but just three days before Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will return on 20th December. Together, this will open the doors to a major relationship chapter that will stretch all the way through to 2023. Saturn's return in March is preparation for this.

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View the Leo Forecast for 2020: Love & Romance
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