Daily Horoscope: Love Horoscope: Capricorn - Thursday, December 1, 2022


Dec 22 - Jan 19

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

There is tension between you and the opposite sex. Your sexual drive may get you tangled in romantic situations that you did not plan for. Be careful that you don't wake up in a relationship.

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What the planets say

The closer that Venus, the planet of love gets to her return to Capricorn next week the stronger a sense of both romantic nostalgia and anticipation are set to become. Venus will continue to take your heart on a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane knowing that it will end with an opportunity for new beginnings. At the same time, your relationships are benefiting from rising communication support.

Power Numbers: 1, 9, 16, 18, 29, 34

Friendly Signs: Cancer & Leo

Beware of: Libra

Colour of the day: Blanched Almond

Famous Birthdays: Mary Martin, Woody Allen, Lou Rawls, Richard Pryor, Bette Midler, Jeanne Allen

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Daily Horoscope: Love Horoscope: Capricorn - Thursday, December 1, 2022
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