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Apr 20 - May 20

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Taurus Weekly horoscope for Jan 17 to Jan 23, 2022

Monday's Full Moon, the first of 2022 and the first in your communication sector since 2020 is going to get your attention from the start. However, its real importance might not be appreciated until after it is gone, making it important to put everything you have into working with the Moon to ensure the communication lines are open and especially on the relationship front. Even if this hadn't been a Full Moon, the Moon's first visit to your communication sector for the year was going to be important but both the timing and its ability to push through communication barriers make this a lot more significant. The Moon will leave on Tuesday, just 12 hours before the North Node will return to Taurus and its partner the South Node will return to your relationship sector. For the next 18 months, the lunar nodes will police a balance between your personal and relationship needs, with the Moon offering a chance to ensure the communication lines are open from the start.

Love & Romance

There wasn't a Full Moon in your communication sector in 2021 so to start the week with the Moon not only here but with the first Full Moon of 2022 underway, gets the week off to an auspicious start. With no planetary activity in your communication sector, the Moon's first visit for the year was always going to be important, with a Full Moon going the extra mile to ensure the communication lines are open. However, it is not until after the Moon leaves that the true importance will be revealed, with the lunar nodes beginning an 18 month policing of a balance between your personal and relationship needs on Wednesday. Anything you can invest into getting the communication lines open at the start of the week will have long term benefits. Meanwhile, it is from Friday to Sunday that the Moon will make its first visit to your romantic sector for the year, creating the potential for a romantically charged weekend.

Business & Career

With the Sun not returning to your career sector until Thursday, Mercury's retrograde turn over the weekend has not only bought you time to hear yourself think but a chance for things to catch up. Mercury has been racing ahead and as he is the planet that rules the mind, there is a chance that your ideas and thoughts for this new professional year have been racing ahead. By coming to a standstill and turning retrograde, Mercury is able to wait for the Sun to catch up, something that will turn the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options. It has been less than three weeks since Jupiter left, with Mercury's retrograde turn a chance to pull back and focus more on the untapped professional potential this has created. It is the Moon's return to your work sector over the weekend that will give you a chance to get a deeper read on the evolving influences in play on the job and career fronts.


The Moon's departure from your income sector over the weekend was always going to be an advantage, allowing you to begin the week with a sharp nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction from the start. That would have been the case in any week but especially with the North Node leaving on Wednesday, where for the last 20 months it has been providing a sense of direction that the Moon has just given you one last chance to get an intuitive read on. It was also over the weekend that the Moon crossed the lunar nodes one last time before they leave your two money houses, including the South Node's departure from your financial sector on the same day. Unlike your income sector, which will be empty once the North Node leaves, Mars will stay on for another six days, with the warrior planet of the cosmos already fired up as he encourages you to fight to take your financial power back.


While the Moon won't return for its first visit to your health sector for the year until over the weekend, away from the noise and the demands of the working week it will be easier to pay attention, listening to what your body is telling you. With no planetary activity on the health front, this is more a chance to check in, with the more you can simply listen to your body without overthinking things the better. Meanwhile, while there is still an ongoing need to pace yourself you should find that you have a lot more energy this week and this should increase even more from midweek.

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