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Apr 20 - May 20

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Taurus Weekly horoscope for Feb 26 to Mar 3, 2024

The week not only gets off to an empowered start on the playful, creative and adventurous side of life's fence but in a way that is likely to be personally empowering. As you move into the new week the Moon is still in a playful and creative part of your chart after the weekend's Full Moon and is still having a positive impact on the planets in Taurus and in an adventurous part of your chart. What makes the timing significant, is that one of those planets is Jupiter, who on Monday will move into his final three months in Taurus and of the foundation year of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. With the Moon not only in your work sector by Tuesday but teaming up with Mars, Pluto and Venus in your career sector, this is a timely reminder that life can't be all work and no play as things power up professionally. This will see things come together on the job and career fronts in the heart of the working week while tapping into forces that are helping to shape the rest of this professional year.

Love & Romance

As you move into the new week the Moon is still in your romantic sector after the weekend's Full Moon, with a chance to not only get things off to a romantically charged start but with a chance to put matters of the heart on your radar from the start. With the pace of this professional year picking up and life itself getting busier, the Full Moon has helped to put the spirit of romance on the front burner. This is a Full Moon that will fall at around this time each year and as there are rarely any planets here at the time, this is something that usually comes with a degree of urgency. This year you have the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment here and not leaving until August, this can give you the resolve to hold onto and capture the spirit of romance. The Moon will be gone by Tuesday but two days later, its return to your relationship sector on Thursday will be a valuable chance to check in and become more emotionally engaged.

Business & Career

While timely, the Moon's return to your work sector from Tuesday to Thursday and right in the heart of the working week is an ordinary monthly event. However, this could have out of proportion implications and not just because this will ensure your instincts are sharp and you have an intuitive read on work and job matters in the heart of the working week. This is the Moon's only visit while Venus and Mars are in your career sector and free from the Sun and Mercury's need to have your eyes open, head in the game and your feet on the ground, they are calling for a bolder approach. With both separating from an alignment with Pluto, the planet of change and transformation, you are ready to change things up while gaining a better sense of where to channel Mars' warrior and competitive spirit. The Moon will move into a friendly aspect to all three planets in your career sector as it moves through, igniting things across the job and career fronts in the heart of the working week. To get the most out of this follow your heart, gut and what excites you without overthinking things.


Last week began with the Moon in your income sector and while it was only here for a few days, with Mars and Venus in their early days in your career sector this got the new working week off to a good start while leaving you with a better sense of where the money is. That shouldn't have too much bearing on this week, except it does, with the sharp nose for money the Moon left you with more important than ever. Not only are Mars and Venus set to be energised by the Moon's return to your work sector in the heart of the working week, but it comes just as on Monday you reach an important milestone. This is the point where Jupiter is just three months away from his return to your income sector and the start of your biggest year for income growth and expansion in over a decade. While right now it is more about having your work and professional hats on, it is the professional momentum you are able to gain now that will lead to greater income potential when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion arrives.


While an ordinary monthly visit, the timing of the Moon's return to your health sector this week means that you are likely to get more bang for your buck. When the Moon returns every four weeks this not only gives you a better read on what your body is telling you, but throughout 2024 it will also cross the lunar nodes, putting how well you are balancing your physical resources to the test. Moving through from Tuesday to Thursday, this will be right in the heart of the busiest point in any week. Fortunately, a friendly aspect to Venus and Mars, the planets of beauty and passion can turn anything that this might challenge into motivation.

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