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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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Pisces Forecast for 2021: Work & Business

2021 has all the professional support and ingredients to make this a good year on both the job and career fronts, without too many demands. The one demand that will be made is to take work/life balance seriously, for this is something that the lunar nodes will police throughout 2021. However, as that has been the case since their return in May, the North Node to your home and the South Node to your career sector this is nothing new. In other words, any work/life balance issues will already be known and you can learn from last year. This year there is a lot more activity on the career front and while that brings more opportunities it does mean having to be more mindful when it comes to maintaining the right work/life balance. Beyond that, there are no real challenges.

Instead, you have Mars visiting both your work and career sectors for the first time in two years and that will provide a lot more juice to both but also increase the footprint this has on the year itself. The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all return to your work and career sectors once a year and because they travel together, all planetary activity on each front can be over in as little as five weeks. That is not the case this year, both because of Mars' return to each and also thanks to Venus and the dwarf planet Ceres. Held back by a retrograde phase last year, Venus was late returning to your career sector so is still there as you move into 2021 and will be until leaving on 9th January. However, as the year progresses Venus will speed up, returning to your career sector for a second time from 8th October to 6th November.

The year will also begin with the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment in your career sector and not leaving until 15th November this will make it easier to stick to the professional game plan and resolutions you begin the year with. Work and job matters will get a serious boost when Mars returns to your work sector on 12th June, opening the door to the Sun, Mercury and Venus who will all follow in his wake. What begins with Mars' return on 12th June will continue to escalate and play out until the Sun leaves on 23rd August, making them the best months of 2021 for work and job matters. Career matters will get a second surge, beginning with Venus' return on 8th October. From this point, things will continue to escalate and play out on the career front but instead of running its course with the Sun's departure on 22nd December, Mars' return on 13th December will keep things in play through to January 2022.

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View the Pisces Forecast for 2021: Work & Business
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