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Mar 21 - Apr 19

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Aries Weekly horoscope for Jun 10 to Jun 16, 2024

A period of change that began nearly three weeks ago has reached its conclusion or at least that is the case on the income front. Within the space of just five days first the Sun, then Venus and then finally Jupiter left your income sector. Mercury stayed on with a chance to tie up loose ends but before he could leave last Monday, the Moon had returned, stringing this out for a few more days. However, this may have brought Jupiter's 12 month quest for income growth and expansion to a close, but it was Mars' return over the weekend that completes what has been a changing of the guard. Mars is here for the next six weeks and this is when the real quest to exploit the income potential this has created begins. Meanwhile, Mars' departure from Aries over the weekend finally brings to an end the launch of a new Mars cycle while leaving you with your passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit fuelled.

Love & Romance

The week not only gets off to a good start on the romantic and relationship fronts but just as you have reached an important turning point. It was Mars' departure from Aries over the weekend that may have left you feeling personally motivated and empowered, but this has also taken the pressure off your relationships. As if to take advantage of this, the week begins with Mercury at a friendly aspect to the South Node in your relationship sector. With Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication both in their last week in your communication sector and with the Sun and Venus separating from the same aspect last week, this is a chance to start the week with the communication lines open. However, complementing this and helping to lighten the mood will be the Moon's return to your romantic sector from Monday to Wednesday. While these romantically charged lunar vibes come around every four weeks, this could fuel a sense of anticipation as the Moon makes its last visit before the first planetary activity on the romantic front this year begins.

Business & Career

Once again, the dynamics of this professional year have changed and not because of what is happening on the job or career fronts, but on the income front. It was just over two weeks ago that Jupiter left your income sector, wrapping up his 12 month quest for income growth and expansion. With the Sun, Venus and Mercury having recently moved through this has created more than enough untapped income potential for Mars to exploit. More importantly, from the start Mars is able to draw on the partnership that each planet that has already moved through has formed to planets across the income, work and career fronts, planets that are not only still here but will be throughout Mars' six week visit. You will get a chance to get your first sense of this when the Moon returns to your work sector on Wednesday, for what will be the first of two visits while Mars is in your income sector. In the heart of the working week, this will bring things together across the income, work and career fronts.


It was just over two weeks ago that Jupiter left your income sector, ending his 12 month quest for income growth and expansion while it was just last Monday that Mercury left, something that gave you a chance to use his smart head for money to tie up loose ends. With the Sun and Venus having left during Jupiter's final days, after Mercury and then the Moon left last week, this saw things dial right back, however not for long. While this has already created more than enough momentum and Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected is here until 2026 so will never let things go off the boil, Mars' return over the weekend has instead fired things up again. As Monday is Mars' first full day here, this is something that you are still adjusting to, but with the warrior planet of the cosmos not only here to see you fight for what you deserve but to exploit a massive amount of untapped income potential.


The Moon will return for its monthly visit to your health sector this week, and returning from Wednesday to Friday this will be right in the heart of the working week. This can be the busiest point in any week and not just on the job front, with your physical resources more likely to be put to the test than over the weekend. Yet if you want to listen to what your body is telling you, then the timing couldn't be better. A friendly aspect to Mars and an alignment with the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment will even bring a chance to revisit or reset your resolutions.

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