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Mar 21 - Apr 19

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Aries horoscope for February 2023

While the major events that will mark 2023 as a year of major change will happen next month, with March when the main players will hit their mark, already the support players are assembling and the stagehands are moving things into position. On one stage you have the Sun, who will always spend the first three weeks of February in your friendship sector, with the solar spotlight on your social life, friendship, teamwork and networking. This is also Saturn's last full month here and while his departure will take a lot of the focus off this area of your life, he has spent much of the last three years preparing for Pluto's return next month, for the first time here in our lifetime.

Unlike the nearly three years that Saturn has spent here, Pluto will be here for the next two decades. Meanwhile, Pluto's last full month in your career sector has the planet of change and revolution preparing you for life without him keeping the wheels moving all year, for the first time in over 15 years. Yet taking over from where all the professional momentum leaves off will be the burgeoning activity on the income front. While your biggest year for income growth and expansion in over a decade won't start until May, next month will see Venus return to start warming things up.

Also preparing for next month and his departure from your communication sector is Mars, who is in the last full month of his longest visit in three decades. While not a major player, that this coincides with the dwarf planet Ceres' last full month in your relationship sector is a chance to channel Mars' war on communication barriers into your relationships. Meanwhile, it is next month that Saturn will return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart to begin the three year wind down of your current Saturn cycle, with Venus already here and taking your heart on a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane until she returns to Aries on 20th February. This is when Venus will join up with Jupiter to support a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion.

Love & Romance

For a month where there is usually little if any planetary activity in either your romantic or relationship sectors, you are doing very well on both fronts this month. The biggest surprise is on the romantic front, for while the dwarf planet Ceres has been in your relationship sector since September, there has been no planetary activity in your romantic sector for months and you wouldn't expect any at this time of year. That will remain the case but between them, the Moon and Venus will be cooking up something special. The month begins with Venus in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, so there is going to be a sense of romantic nostalgia from the start.

However, it is in the heart of the planet of love's nostalgic trip down love's memory lane that the Moon will return to your romantic sector from 4th February to 7th February. Even if this had been an ordinary monthly visit, these would still be some of the most romantically charged days of the month and thanks to Venus, with a lot of romantic nostalgia and the doors open to the past and second chances. However, it is while the Moon is here that it will create the most romantically charged Full Moon of the year on 6th February.

Halfway between the Sun's last visit to your romantic sector and the next, this is always designed to be a romantic drought busting event. The fact that Venus is not only in a nostalgic part of your chart but is due to return to Aries on 20th February, two months earlier than she did in 2022, will give this Full Moon a lot more potency. Meanwhile, while the dwarf planet Ceres' deep dive into your relationship needs and priorities will continue, a retrograde turn on 4th February will see her turn her attention to the past as well, something that will see her retrograde back out next month. The Moon's return from 9th February to 12th February will give you a better read on this and your relationships.

Business & Career

While the Sun left your career sector last month, with Mercury still here until 12th February there is a chance to tie up loose ends before handing the reins to Pluto, who since 2008 has quietly kept the momentum going each year. This all looks fairly normal for this time of year, except there is one big difference that changes everything but also makes getting the month off to a good start even more significant. The Sun will always spend the last 10 days and the first three weeks of each year in your career sector, putting the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options.

This year you began the year with Venus and Mercury here as well, with heart and mind on the same page from the start. Yet while it is not unusual to still have Mercury here as you move into February, what is unusual is how long he has been here and how significant that is about to become. It was in early December that Mercury returned for what is normally a 14 to 15 day chance to get your head in the game and to think on your feet. That meant Mercury should have been and gone by the time the Sun even returned. Instead, a retrograde turn in late last year means that he is still here moving into February. Venus left in the New Year and the Sun three weeks later, but Mercury is still here.

As well as a chance to keep your head in the game, this has given Mercury extra time to work with Uranus, who turned direct in your income sector two days after he turned direct in your career sector. However, this is also buying Mercury more time to work with Pluto, who since 2008 has kept the wheels turning. This is when this becomes even more significant because after nearly 15 years Pluto is leaving next month, with Mercury able to work with the planet of change and revolution to set both your short and long term goals. Mercury will leave on 12th February, with the Moon returning from 16th February to 18th February to start tying up loose ends. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity in your work sector, the Moon's visit from 7th February to 9th February will make these some of the most pivotal days of the month on the job front.


While there might not be a lot of forward movement on the income front this month, there will be a sense that the tide has turned as well as a growing sense of anticipation. By the time we move into the new month Uranus, the last of the four planets that began the year in retrograde motion to turn direct has only been in direct motion for nine days. As a slow outer planet, it will take weeks if not months for Uranus to build up speed but then time is something that you have plenty of. However, it was Mercury's direct turn in your career sector four days earlier and their friendly aspect just days later that has given this financial and professional year the green light.

It was in the closing days of January and just as Mercury and Uranus had moved into a friendly aspect for the third time in just six weeks, that the Moon made its first visit to your income sector since the tide turned, allowing you to move into the new month with confidence. With Mercury leaving your career sector on 12th February and Pluto in his last full month here, the main focus will be on gaining professional momentum and traction, trusting that the money will follow. This gives Uranus a month to settle into his new direct phase before Venus returns to your income sector next month.

It is the planet of money's return that will normally create what can be the most lucrative weeks of any year. That will still be the case, but this will be eclipsed by Jupiter's return in May and the start of your biggest year for income growth and expansion in over a decade. So while things might be slow to move on the income front this month you are playing a long game, with a growing sense of anticipation. You will have a better read on this when the Moon makes its last visit to your income sector before Venus returns from 24th February to 27th February. This is something that can sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger, while the Moon will give you a better read on money matters when it moves through your financial sector from 12th February to 14th February.


Even before the month long wind down of your old solar year begins there is not so much a call but a desire to slow down. This is coming from Venus, who until returning to Aries on 20th February is creating a relaxed and lazy vibe that couldn't be more important. Life is already getting busy and is only going to get busier and with the wind down of your old solar year often putting your physical resources to the test, this is a chance to get in first but on your terms. It is the Moon's return to your health sector from 7th February to 9th February that will give you a better sense of what your body is telling you and more importantly, how it is coping with the stresses and demands of daily life. Venus will be on hand to help you tweak anything that is out of balance.

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