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Monday, July 15, 2024

The warmth you radiate makes you attractive to the opposite sex. Smile more and let your eyes shine the way they used to. You still have that light somewhere inside of you, if only you got rid of any preconceived notions you might have about age and how your past disillusions have shaped you into one tough cookie.

Rat Weekly Horoscope: Jul 15 to Jul 21, 2024

As you move into the second week of the month of the Goat and its focus on change and transformation, there is not only a lot of momentum but you will be starting to get a sense of where this is drawing your attention. It is not about change for change's sake and more often than not, it is the small tweaks that can have the most long term impact. It is an intuitive and imaginative Pig Moon from Monday to Wednesday that will give you a better read on where to channel this while at the same time boosting your confidence. That is because as well as inspiring your intuition, instincts and imagination, the Pig and Goat are the best of friends.

Rat Monthly Horoscope: July 2024

For the Rat, the month of the Horse can be a challenging month, but for all the right reasons. The Rat and Horse are opposing signs, which means they don't fit well together but at the opposite point in the year to the month of the Rat, this means you have reached the halfway point in your current personal 12 month lunar cycle. What this does is make anything that doesn't align with your personal truth stand out and at a time when then is an opportunity for a reset, this is why this can be so empowering. The Horse can bring wakeup calls, but when the month of the Goat begins on 6th July and the focus shifts to change and transformation, you will have something to work on.

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  • 97

Power Numbers: 1, 15, 34, 42, 44, 61

Friendly Signs: Horse & Goat

Beware of: Rat

Colour of the day: Medium Orchid

Born Today: Rembrandt, Thomas Bulfinch, Alex Karras, Marky Ramone, Diane Kruger

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