Daily Horoscope: Chinese Astrology: Dragon - Tuesday, May 28, 2024


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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

It can seem too easy to simply push your way through, but right now you'll find that can be a losing strategy. The more you shove, the more resistance you get. It's not paranoia, but it's not really a plot, either. Just back off and the whole problem vanishes.

Dragon Weekly Horoscope: May 27 to Jun 2, 2024

Ahead of next week's New Moon, the last full week of the lucrative month of the Snake is a chance to start tying up loose ends and getting more specific about what to focus on. While for the Dragon this can be a lucrative month financially, the Snake is trying to enrich all the currencies in your life. This is about defining your values and putting time and energy into the things that you want to get the most back from. If there is nothing in it for you or it suits no higher purpose, you will have little inclination, seeing many things as the time wasters or the needless diversions that they are. This is also a chance to separate your wants from your needs.

Dragon Monthly Horoscope: May 2024

With the month of the Dragon ending on 8th May, it is the early part of the month where there needs to be the most focus on having a sense of direction and purpose. The month of the Dragon is more than just a chance to return to your native energy, but is the start of a new personal 12 month lunar cycle and with it a chance for a reset. The difference this year is that as this is the Year of the Dragon, so when the month of the Dragon ends you can continue the journey as you move into a new 12 year lunar cycle. It is in the final days of the month of the Dragon, that a Dragon Moon will bring your best chance to get your bearings. Meanwhile, the New Moon on 8th May will then usher in the lucrative month of the Snake.

  • 54
  • 6
  • 47
  • 96
  • 65
  • 72
  • 39
  • 93
  • 21

Power Numbers: 28, 48, 53, 65, 66, 68

Friendly Signs: Snake & Horse

Beware of: Rat

Colour of the day: Gainsboro

Born Today: Ian Fleming, May Swenson, Gladys Knight, Rudolph W. Giuliani, John Fogerty, Ana Cristina Bojanini

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