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Mar 21 - Apr 19

Aries Forecast for 2018: Money

This year we have a mix of the expected and the unexpected and fortunately, in both cases, there is nothing but good news. What you can be sure of from the get go though is that this is going to be a BIG year for both income and money matters as a whole. The expected is on the financial front, for while 2018 is destined to be a lucky year for money matters, with the potential for real financial growth, Jupiter has been in your financial sector since October 2017. This has given the planet of luck and expansion time to establish a foothold and with a lot of support in the closing months of 2017, to gain some momentum. You not only begin the year with Jupiter in your financial sector but Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos as well. Having returned in early December, they spent the closing weeks of 2017 together and not due to leave until the 27th January, will spend the early weeks of 2018 together.

You not only start the year with luck on your side from the get go but with your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled. You should start the year with a good sense of what you’re fighting for, while ready to fight for what you want from the get go. Apart from a Full Moon on the 30th April, Jupiter will spend much of the year in the background, before Mercury returns on the 10th October, followed by the Sun and Venus in a push to bring things home. With Jupiter not leaving until the 9th November, this will see a lot of things come together in his final month. It is on the income front that you will experience the unexpected. Even when Venus returns to your income sector on the 31st March, the Sun on the 20th April and Mercury on the 14th May there will be nothing to suggest that this is anything other than your annual update. The Sun will always move through your income sector at this time each year, with Venus and Mercury never far away. However, it’s on the 16th May, a day after a New Moon on the 15th May that everything changes. This is the day that what started as an annual update that income matters get at this time each year, turns into something game changing. For this is the day that Uranus returns to your income sector for the first time since 1942 and apart from a short break from the 7th November 2018 to the 6th March 2019, he’s here until 2026. Jupiter might be making this a lucky year for money matters, but Uranus will take you into an eight year period of income growth.

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View the Aries Forecast for 2018: Money
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